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Guillaume Sorbe is the Loire valley’s newest young star. In 2007, he began his domaine in the Cher producing white, rosé, and red wines from the Touraine, Quincy, and Reuilly appellations.

Guillaume comes from a family of viticulturalists and his father had vineyards in Quincy and Reuilly, but after it became apparent that his sons had no interest in continuuing the family domaine, he sold the vineyards in 2001. It was during this time that Guillaume was working in some of France’s finest restaurants both as a cook and a sommelier, but eventually he says “the soul of a winemaker awoke in me”. He went to Beaune to study viticulture and oenology determined to return to the Loire valley and piece together a domaine of his own.

In 2007 after completing his studies he began to look for vineyards and soon found a plot of very old gamay vines on the right bank of the Cher river. He began here and has slowly patched together a tiny domaine today of more than 25 single plots that he farms himself biodynamically. Only 4.5 hectares total are put into production here so quantities are extremely small.

Precision, freshness, and delicacy are the pursuit here and Guillaume believes that terroir is the most important thing, often citing his motto “moins mais mieux” – “less but better.”

Each of his 25 parcels is vinified separately and an assemblage is done before bottling. Working this way is much more labor‐intensive, but it allows Guillaume greater control over the final blend where he can create an expressive palette using just the “colors” he desires.

There is currently a range of wines produced here from three appellations. From Touraine there is a 100% Sauvignon, a 100% gamay from old vines, a 100% Malbec, as well as a Malbec and Cabernet Franc blend. There is a blanc from Quincy, and one from Reuilly. A beautiful Pinot Noir from the Reuilly appellation and a delicate, but complex Reuilly rosé round out the lineup.

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