About Us


What's in a Name

One of the hardest things in life is picking a name, right? A name for your kid, your pet… and in our case…a company. To be honest, the name DNS Wines fell into our laps or should we say our bellies. It all started one gorgeous sunny day in France, we were down in the cellar tasting wine, as one does, and as the Burgundian wine hit our lips and the swishing began our winemaker friend announced, rather proudly, that THIS wine was a DNS Wine. In other words, his wine was a “Do Not Spit” wine; it was too good not to be consumed. It was at this moment we knew two things. One, DNS Wines was most definitely our company name. And two, it is our mission to share the stories, and juice, of as many DNS wines as we can uncover and import into the states. 

Meet the Team

Todd Mathis, DNS Founder, Head Shot

Todd Mathis


Dionysi Head Shot

Dionysi Grevenitis

Partner / New York Manager

Rachel Palmer Stone Head Shot_resize _squarejpg

Rachel Palmer Stones

New York Sales

Dustin Chabert Head Shot

Dustin Chabert

Illinois Manager

Eriko Gillespie Head Shot

Eriko Gillespie

Order Desk Manager / Bookkeeper