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The Nicoluzo Estate was founded in 2008 in Corfu by Anastasios Arist. Nikolozo. Having done research on the Corfu vineyard since 2000, he collects and multiplies rare and almost lost varieties of Corfu. The Estate is located in the village of Ano Korakiana, 17 km from the city of Corfu at the foot of Mount Istoni. The area in which the vineyards of the Estate are located, was inhabited as early as 4000 BC. Recent archaeological excavations in the area have uncovered pottery, some of which contained game remains and vine seeds, testifying to the cultivation of the vine from that period. Later, during the Archaic Period, there is a report from the Corinthians settlers about the quality of the wine produced by the area and it was one of the reasons for their permanent colony on the island.

Anastasios is a third generation winemaker, as he inherited the love for wine production from his grandfather Anastasios. His family has been active in the field of wine since the end of the 18th century on an amateur basis according to old contracts and family records. Family-owned large tracts of land in the area were all planted with Corfiot grape varieties. The dominant varieties were Cacotrigi, Petrocoritho, Xiropodia for whites and Scopelitico, Mantzavi, Amfioni, Fidia, Agumasto, and Corfiati for reds. Many of these varieties have been saved by Nikolouzo Esate, and through nurseries, mainly in Italy, an effort is made to multiply them. Special emphasis has been given to highlighting the beneficial properties of the red grape varieties of Corfu with research centers and universities in Greece and abroad, as chemical research shows a high polyphenolic and antioxidant percentage in the red varieties. Since 2016, in collaboration with Anastasio’s sister Irini Nikolouzos, they have uprooted the family’s old privately owned vineyards which had some international varieties and replaced them with indigenous varieties from Corfu. The estate owns 2 hectares with Corfiot grape varieties for winemaking and has planted another 1 hectare with the prospect of growth in the immediate future.

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